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Friday, October 24, 2014

One Man's Roster*

Trevor Marshall has posted a series of four posts to his excellent Port Rowan blog showing some select members of his roster, including more than a couple of examples built by co-moderator Pierre Oliver through Pierre’s Elgin Car Shops** custom building service:

I plan to do something like this with my Central Vermont roster, and encourage others to do the same for their favorite road or subject. What I'm thinking of is a variation of the "One Man's Roster" from vintage issues of MR, especially if it was divided by road or era (ie., "Bill models the Santa Fe in 1948, here's some of his home road cars....")
If you’re interested in sharing your roster on this blog simply email photos and a description of your prototypical steam era cars at me at STEAMFREIGHTCARatGMAILdotCOM . (Obviously replace the italized portions of that email address with the standard symbology.)
*Or do we need to be politically correct here and make it "One Person's Roster?" Don't want to discount any female modelers out there.
**To paraphrase one of those old late night Television ads, “I’m not only a Elgin Car Shops fan, I’m also a client ….”


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Marty - much appreciated!
    I plan to - eventually - photograph and share via my blog all of the equipment that I operate on my railway, so you can expect more posts like this on the future.
    - Trevor
    Port Rowan in 1:64

  2. Hi Marty,

    Since you know Trevor, and know him to be a man, then It is certainly one man's roster in this case...