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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Announcement: Resin Car Works - Consolidated Chemical Industries 7K Acid Tank Car

By Marty McGuirk

Resin Car Works is a new manufacturing enterprise. The company is new but steam era freight car modelers are very familiar with Resin Car Works owner Frank Hodina's work as a long time pattern maker responsible for many of Sunshine Models masters. Full disclosure - I've known about this enterprise for a while as Frank has been busy preparing the masters for RCW's first car. The car was announced at the St Louis RPM meet earlier in the month which means I am no longer bound by my vow of silence (although I've agreed to stay quiet about other RCW plans!) The flyer spells out RCW's mission "… to produce accurate HO scale resin car kits that are easy to build and that will actually be built and operated."
Frank is a long time friend of mine, and when he read my appeal for information for this blog he sent me the following note and the attached images: 


I would love to be able to use your blog. I’ve been told I should have one now that RCW is almost up and running. I’m a good Roman though and will steal anything from anybody to use for my own profit and amusement.

Attached is a photo of the test/pilot model for the acid cars (see above). Hopefully the kit will be out at the end of October, first part of November. Pasting down the production patterns now. Need to build a few more and write the instructions. The only hang up is the photo etched parts and finding someone to do them. Don’t need much just tank car bands, ladders and parts for the larger platforms. - Frank"

Here are jpegs of the flyers announcing the first few road names for this car. When I have ordering information I'll post it here. 


  1. Ok - I am *definitely* going to have to get one (or a few) of those Hooker tank cars since they show up in photos of the line I'm modeling. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Thanks for sharing this- nice stuff! Keep up the Excellent work...

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  3. How do i get on the list to get one of these Hooker tank cars?